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The Ensemble

The Mozart quartet

The chosen music program is not just played in a unique ambience, but played by a professional quartet. Our Mozart ensemble performs chamber music and popular classical pieces by the most famous Austrian composers. Very experienced and well balanced, the string quartet carries on the old and revered Viennese musical tradition. Let the ensemble take you to a world full of lust and impassioned music. The baroque art and Mannerism architecture of the ground floor hall enchants the eye, while its form creates wonderful acoustics. High standard music, the original atmosphere of the Sala Terrena and the historic costumes worn by the musicians combine into a luxurious classical music experience. Turn your night in the town into a journey back to Mozart s time.


Classic- CD "Konzerte im Mozarthaus"

We have our own magnificent CD with all the beautiful compositions, which you can buy in the office.

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